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The trainer Olympic champions Evgenii Lamonovoj has received an honorary title

Ildaru Mavljutovu - to the senior trainer - to the teacher on sports of industrial complex of sport constructions of the Kursk atomic power station and to the trainer of the Olympic champion rapiristki Evgenii Lamonovoj - have appropriated a rank of the honourable worker of physical training and sports of Kursk area.

Ildar Masalimovich works in detsko - youthful sports school of the Kursk atomic power station already quarter of the century. Branch of fencing DJUSSH of the Kursk atomic power station under its management recognised the best among fehtovalnyh schools of Russia twice. For an operating time of Ildar Mavljutov has prepared 14 masters of the sports, four masters of sports of the international class, two merited masters of sports. Its pupils nine times became world champions and Europe, and Evgenie Lamonova in 2008 has won a gold medal of the Olympic games in Beijing.

For high achievements in sport and education of outstanding sportsmen to Mavljutovu ranks " earlier have been appropriated; The honoured worker of physical training of the Russian Federation and the Merited trainer of Russia .