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Last has taken place this year session of Legislative Assembly of the Irkutsk region

last session of Legislative Assembly of the Irkutsk region Has come to the end. Deputies have noted this event by champagne. However the probability that members of parliament on the threshold of New year will gather once again remains - receipt of additional means is not excluded from the federal budget and then it is necessary to make changes to the main financial document of area.

Following the results of session chairman ZS of the Irkutsk region Lyudmila Berlina has noticed that work of regional parliament in last was month strained.
new convocation ZS has started to work on October, 26th. 6 sessions have been from this point on spent and 57 laws, including the budget of the Irkutsk region for 2009 are accepted.

To Charter consideration   region and to the statement of the government the regional parliament will start next year. According to Lyudmila Berlinoj, the Federal Constitutional law allows to operate to time enforcement authorities before formation constant, and certain terms does not stipulate.

Lyudmila Berlina also has congratulated deputies and inhabitants of the Irkutsk region with coming New year.

- the biggest sin is depression, and deputies have no right to be sad, has noted the chairman of Legislative Assembly of region. -   all cataclysms will be overcome.

And Lyudmila Berlina has responded to a question as it is necessary to meet New year, so:

- the State of mind you will not replace with any viands and dresses. The person should   to be satisfied by how he has lived the expiring year. And the main thing that it was not a shame to it with it.