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Kursk Avant-guard has refused to play the first battalion

To universal affliction of fans, a season 2009, as well as the previous, Kursk football club will spend in the central zone of the second battalion.

After refusal from - for financial difficulties capital sportakademkluba from participation in tournament of the first battalion five commands of the second echelon applied for a vacant place: Bataysk - 2007 (Bataysk), a Torpedo (Vladimir), Gazovik (Orenburg), Change (Komsomolsk - on - the Cupid) and Kursk Avant-guard . After the club from Bataysk has informed on refusal of participation in tournament of the first battalion in 2009, to Avant-guard have suggested to go on increase. After negotiations with the main founder - administration of Kursk area - the club has refused participation in tournament of the first battalion.

- Taking into account a difficult financial situation   In the country and in the world, to the decision not in favour of participation Avant-guard in the first battalion I concern with understanding, - chief executive FK " has told ; Avant-guard   Leonid TCHAPLYGIN. - Nevertheless, in a following season we will adjust   football players on victory. A problem it is necessary former - to win in each match and to try to show good game.