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In the Kaliningrad region restore electrical supplies of the disconnected areas

In difficult weather conditions experts of Open Society JAntarenergo finish restoration   electrical supplies of the consumers which have remained on January, 9th, 2009 without light from - for a bad weather.

the Second days experts operatively - repair brigades of the Western enterprise of electric systems (ZPES)   JAntarenergo do not stop work on restoration   electrical supplies of consumers of some the rural areas which have remained without the electric power.   as a result of a strong wind, a plentiful snowfall and followed it of thaw and ice there was a sticking of a sleet to wires of transmission lines. In 4 o`clock in the morning disconnect of 11 transmission lines by pressure 15 sq. on January, 9th, 2009 is registered Were 149 transformer substations (TP) are disconnected. Without light there were consumers of some settlements in Bagrationovsky, Half-Essky, Pravdinsky and Guryev areas. Mainly disconnects have concerned small settlements, farms,   villages, a number   housing estates and gardening fellowships.

disconnect at 8 o`clock 17 minutes of one transmission line 110 kv,   was the largest incident; therefore some hours without an electrical supply remain to Open Company Lesobalt . Experts of a power supply system   have operatively found out damage of a polymeric insulator and in the conditions of a snow cyclone have done the utmost, that   in the minimum terms to eliminate defect on LEP and zapitat the consumer.

In the conditions of a bad weather personnel ZPES   within all light day   did not stop electrical supply restoration   the settlements which have remained without electricity.

Energetikam was possible in the first days   To restore an electrical supply bolshej parts of consumers. According to dispatching service of Open Society JAntarenergo on 8 o`clock in the morning only 3 transmission lines 15 kv, one site   on January, 10th are disconnected; and only 19 transformer substations. Without light while   there are settlement consumers Wood Bagrationovsky,   parts of subscribers of settlements   Dobrino, Meadow Guryev areas and separate city streets of Gurevska. In restoration of their electrical supply are engaged 6 operatively - a repair brig of brigades of the Western enterprise of electric systems,   the special technics is involved.

. To liquidation of consequences of elements, besides operatively - the dispatching personnel Western   the enterprises of electric systems of Open Society JAntarenergo   experts of linear and relay services, signalmen of the company were involved.

Kaliningrad energetikam it was possible to avoid disconnects from an electrical supply of big cities,   Areas and the industrial enterprises of area. Disconnected   strategically important or socially significant objects     no.