Rus News Journal

In Saratov in a smoke the man

in the Frunze area of Saratov   has choked on January, 6th; the uninhabited wooden house in the street Rahova burnt. With a poisoning with products of burning from a place the unknown man has been hospitalised. On January, 7th in Leninsk area in the street the World the shoe repair shop which was settling down on a ground floor of the three-storyed house burnt. On fire the unknown man who smoked in a state of intoxication was lost. And on 7 - oh Country   fire has completely destroyed a shed. In Kirovsk area in the street Moscow from - for perekala furnaces the apartment of the two-storeyed house burnt.

on January, 6th in settlement the Red Textile worker of the Saratov area, in village Chernyshevka of New Burassky area and in Rtishchevo fire has destroyed wooden baths. In Volske has burnt down the inhabited wooden house. In Kalininske from - for infringements of service regulations of an electric equipment the kitchen in the private wooden house has burnt out. In village Dubovka of Krasnoarmejsky area fire has completely destroyed the private wooden house. On fire were lost 53 - the summer owner and it 52 - the summer friend.

on January, 7th at railway station Tarhany of the Saratov area has burnt down 3 garages and were in 3 cars: the Muscovite 412, Daewoo Nexia, VAZ 2112. In village Vorontsovka of Ekaterinovsky area from - for perekala furnaces has burnt down the private wooden house. In Balakovo in apartment of the nine-floor house burns of 3 degrees the woman has received 1925 year of birth. The carriage adapted under a witness mark also burnt. In village Nevezhkino of Lysogorsky area at a fire in an apartment house was lost 68 - the summer man who smoked on a sofa in a state of intoxication. Overnight the fire has occurred in Factory area of Saratov. In the street Smolensk in a fire smoke has choked 42 - the summer man, informs a press - service GU of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia across the Saratov region.