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New Year`s vacation in Volgograd beats statistics on suicides

In Kirovsk area during New Year`s vacation to employees fast it was necessary to rescue the three inhabitants of Volgograd who have jumped from a window.

- Two men, unfortunately, to return from a next world it was not possible, - has informed the dispatcher of substation first 5 Kirov areas . - And the third, the girl, has carried more.

January, ninth 19 - the summer inhabitant of Volgograd was threw out from a window of a many-storeyed apartment house. The girl has jumped from a window of the second floor and has got off with easy bruises.

That became the reason - one-way love or prolonged feasts while it is not known. Psychologists, in turn, mark, in New Year`s feasts always the number of suicides sharply increases. The matter is that also sharp loneliness which is especially felt in feasts, and an aggravation of mental diseases, and banal have drunk too much . So, the first reason became a cause of death of one more inhabitant of Traktorozavodsky area which was on New Year`s Eve hung up on an electrocord. The day before, it has quarrelled with the girl and could not reconcile that he should meet 2009 - j to one.