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The pilot of gone Mi - 8 thought that will carry to Altai skiers

Searches gone on Friday, on January, 9th, on Altai of helicopter Mi - 8 on which board there are 11 persons, yet have not brought positive results. To the correspondent   it was possible to talk to the schoolmate of second pilot Maxim Kolbina Maria Smolovoj. A message that around Mountain Altai the helicopter was gone, Masha already heard on the TV. But even could not assume that behind a steering wheel there is Maxim. For stirring at the girl has begun to tremble a voice:

- Maxim - the friend of our family, we with   the first class studied together, - Maria weepingly speaks. - last time it has called on us on January, 5th. Has told that flies to business trip, will carry any skiers to Altai. Was such happy, it was simply shone. It   on a broader scale very much liked to fly, from the school dreamt of rising in the sky. Never was afraid, proud nothing of the trade.

Shortly before New year Maxim has left the girl. Friends called him together to celebrate New year. But he has decided to celebrate a feast on - family, with parents

Now aircraft searches Biisk - Kosh - Agach   proceed. We will remind, in number of eleven passengers the representative of the President in the State Duma Alexander Kosopkin, the deputy chief of department of Management of the President of the Russian Federation on internal policy Sergey Livishin, the representative of Republic Altai at the Government of the Russian Federation Anatoly Bannyh, the chairman of one of committees of the republican government Victor Kajmin, the commander of flight group appears from Is mountain - Altajska Vladimir Podoprigora, the head of the Altay ensemble JArmanka Vasily Vjalkov, Muscovites Nikolay Kapranov and Boris Belinsky, three crewmen - Alexey Bajandin, Maxim Kolbin and Alexander Vertej.

Continues to watch a situation.


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