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In feasts the Volgograd maternity homes are overflowed by lying-in women

- Feasts, target, unless kiddies gain time?! They are born without   discounts on   New Year`s days,   -   tell to us   in maternity home of Krasnooktjabrsky area. Here in novgodnie feasts it was observed present flow lying-in women.   in total with   1 on January, 7th doctors and accoucheurs have accepted 57 newborns the Very first on light there was a boy in weight in 2950 kgs. He was born at 1:20. In the first day of year four more babies, two boys and two girls in the same place were born. Names young mummies   yet have not thought up. Relatives advise   to give that name that is necessary this day in a Christmas-tide.   a pier, for the child double good luck: and a birth in a light feast, and a name   on canons.    
  and here in   the central maternity home 4 children on January, 1st were born.   in Christmas - seven: 5 girls and two boys.
- For Christmas my watch has dropped out, - Marina Dulina, the doctor - the accoucheur - the gynecologist of maternity home of Traktorozavodsky area tells. - first labour has begun on the night of 7 - oe, and the last have finished at daybreak 8. Here also it has turned out that I have spent a feast in rodzale. But I do not feel sorry, but has accepted four boys!