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Either the pathoanatomical centre, or a hostel for workers

In   the beginning 1990 - h here wanted to erect hostel for parents of the small patients passing treatment. But   plans and   remained plans. Building should be frozen, the newspaper " writes; SB - Belarus Today . Today long-term construction was chosen by the company of malicious young children.

- Teenagers stick to   the passer-by, throw in   them bottles, - has told SB local resident Valentine Sorokin who has lived in   Borovljanah 22 years. - men touch seldom, in   the core - women and   children. Though at   as - that money and   tried to select me; a mobile phone. Has hardly beaten off. However, when the winter has begun, became more silent. And   that here it is created

in the summer - Building should be curtailed from - for a financing lack, - has commented SB The first deputy of the head of department Sergey Goncharov. - at first for the Minsk children`s regional clinical hospital it is necessary to complete the surgical case. When in   its this year we will hand over, we will think and   about   other buildings. On   a place of the mentioned two-storeyed thrown long-term construction will be either the pathoanatomical centre, or a hostel for workers. But   before it experts survey a technical status of a building.