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In Yaroslavl can remain only 8 television channels

Still in the end of the last year on Suzdalke have disconnected the lion`s share of television channels. Under Open Society plans JArteleset the same fate can postignut inhabitants of Krasnoperekopsky, Dzerzhinsky and Kirov areas. JArteleset already has held on there modern optikovolokonnye networks. As a result, should remain only 8 information channels. Entertaining and commercial will connect already at additional expense.

When disconnects will take place will solve arbitration court in which antimonopolshchiki demand to return telecasting for Yaroslavtsev in full. In antimonopoly service consider that disconnects could is made in the event that the subscriber has been in advance warned in writing that it received a considerable quantity of channels only as a gift, passes Yaroslavl GTRK.

We have given out JATS the writ to return TV - an announcement in full. In case of a recognition of our writ proved in court, JATS should return channels not only to our applicants, but all subscribers - has told a press - the secretary of Yaroslavl management FAS of Russia Svetlana Poselsky.

In a city there are new networks broadband fibre-optical which allow to broadcast bolshee quantity of channels, here for them and are broadcast, and old TV - networks simply grasped these channels, and we did not filter them, no arrangements on these channels at us with subscribers existing - the director of Open Society   has told; JArteleset Anatoly Jablochkin.