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The command Zverevoj has lost to Estonians

In Tallinn a female national team was in a step leaving in spring plej - off group World War II. After three victories in a preliminary round of the first Euroafrican zone over Danes, Slovenes and Austrians in a decisive match it was necessary to beat a national team of owners. Considering structure of the Belarus command, this problem was vypolnimoj. After all both single, and a command rating of Byelorussians above, than at Estonians. Kaja Kanepi - 23 - I, Victoria Azarenko - 15 - I. And between the second numbers a difference more essential: Olga Govortsova - 49 - I, Maret Ani - 109 - I. And for our more qualified pair players - Tatyana Puchek and Ekaterina Degalevich - it was possible to be quiet. But to a pair match business is even not cunning.

Govortsova did not take from Maret Ani and a set - 3:6, 4:6. And Azarenko, having won against Kanepi the first party (6:2) and conducting in the second with the bill 3:1, has unexpectedly conceded - 3:6, and in the third set - 1:6. Presence of the newly made captain of Natasha Zverevoj has not helped also.

- the Prospect at this command is, - known tennis expert Sergey TETERIN considers. - for the first time for four years we left group, but to struggle against owners not so simply. Azarenko very well played, but physically it has not sufficed. And Govortsovoj flights have affected game. In the long term we should gather for a week and spend teamwork. Now to us a little bit has not carried.

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