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Vitaly Rodionov: In Freiburg all very friendly

there Was it in a meeting Freiburg with Osnabrjukom come to the end with the bill 4:1. Vitaly has begun a match in the basic structure and on 47 - j to minute has hammered into gate of visitors in the second ball. After this victory Freiburg has headed the table of the second Bundesliga. We have congratulated Vitaly and have taken an interest, as it managed to cause a stir.

- After giving penal from the left flank I remained without guardianship of the defender and a head cut off a ball in gate, - the forward " has told to us; Freiburg .

- As you in the command have congratulated on the first goal?

- During game have, of course, congratulated, and after all were already happy with the general success.

- And you - that are happy with how played?

- Basically especial I have not shown anything. Average game. But I am glad that it was possible to hammer, and to me it has added confidence.

- As you divide roles with one more attacking - Behmanom?

- Any certain task to play to a delay or on an edge we do not receive. Positions at us identical, and we operate on a situation.

- how much optimum feel on game standards?

- Percent on 70 - 80.

- Mutual understanding with partners has improved?

- Is not present, has passed more few time that with confidence about it to speak. Especially if to remember, how we each other understood in BATE with Genoj Bliznjukom, other children. But that`ll come.  

On 65 - j to minute of a match Vitaly was traumatised and has left a field.
a photo: scfreiburg. com

- a leah the trainer Has awarded you praises?

- In the middle of the second time I was traumatised, and me at once have taken away on inspection. So in a locker room after a match I was not.

- Against you have roughly played?

- I on a fraction of a second have outstripped the rival, and it has got to me thorns on a foot. At first it was very sick, but then in minutes 10 - 15 painful sensations have become dull, and I felt normally. Doctors use the best efforts, and here now I go to do a picture. I hope in the following game (16 - go. - Red.) Already I will leave in the field.

- And on what eat in clinic?

- the Club has given the car, mini - a jeep.

- As feel on German roads?

- it is magnificent. All drivers compliant, will always pass. There is no vanity, and I at the wheel take pleasure.  

- I Know that you have already moved from hostel to demountable apartment. How were arranged?

-   Perfectly well. All is pleasant to me. Cosy, it is spacious. Though with the demountable furnished apartments here problems. To me would be enough and two-room apartment where - nibud on city suburb. However it was necessary to remove

3 - room apartment in city centre for 1200 euros.

- with the City are happy?

- very much. The nature here the delightful. Freiburg -   small and very beautiful small town. There is it in a picturesque place, around hills Schwarzwald that in transfer means black wood.

- As spend a free time?

- not too it is a lot of It. Basically I have a rest at home or I am engaged in language studying. Certainly, such friends as in BATE, at me is not present, but gradually relations with partners I adjust. When there are no words, communicate gestures.

- Who at you the tutor?

- the Russian emigrant from Perm. He married the German and more than ten years lives in Germany. Works at university as the research assistant. It the pleasant and friendly person.  

- On your confident and quiet voice it is possible to judge that you on a new place have already accustomed.

- By and large, yes. Adaptation goes well, and I did not think at all that here will be so easily in collective. All very affable and friendly.