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The government of Komi the Head of republic Komi Vladimir Torlopov will check up relatives of the burnt down pensioners

is revolted by behaviour of some relatives of the pensioners who have burnt down during a fire at a house for aged in Podelske.

Relatives of some old men almost have started to call at once to the authorities and to learn, what payments are due to them, passes Echo Moscow .

We will necessarily find out that for relatives there was at each lost old man, a degree of relationship and participation in destiny of older persons. After all all who contained in the burnt down house have been handed over there by close people, and relatives came to take away only from old men the money which has remained from pension - Torlopov has told, naming actions of these relatives cynical .

we Will remind, during a fire at a house for aged in Podelske 23 persons were lost. In connection with this of tragedies the president of the Russian Federation Medvedev has disposed to check up a status of all houses for aged across all Russia. In republic Komi will be in addition checked up also all child care centres.