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In Vladivostok the schoolboy sold to junior school pupils psychotropic tablets

state of emergency has occurred in one of settlement schools Labour in suburb of Vladivostok. The information that at school psychotropic tablets freely are on sale, to narcopolicemen have informed by a telephone hotline. The anonymous author has told that one of pupils where - that gets psychotropic substance taren and sells to its younger schoolboys.

- the Information has completely proved to be true: in one of warehouses of the thrown brick-works located nearby to school narcopolicemen have come across scattered military first-aid sets AI - 2, one of which components is taren, - has informed the expert of group of the information and public relations of seaside management of drug enforcement Yury GOVORUSHKO . - Many first-aid sets have already been opened, and taren from them is pulled out. In total narcopolicemen have withdrawn 132 tablets tarena, on the given fact check is spent.

the Inquiry

Taren calls hallucinations

Taren - dangerous psychotropic substance. Earlier it was applied in military medicine as antidote from a poisoning fosfororganicheskimi by connections. Taren poisons an organism, calls hallucinations, breaks concentration of attention, and in heavy doses conducts to a heavy psychosis. Under the legislation operating in Russia, taren is the psychotropic substance which turn is limited.

Stocks of military first-aid sets with the maintenance of this substance have got to Russia from Soviet period: today taren is not a part of similar first-aid sets, and the remained tablets are delayed for a long time (that raises toxicity of a preparation) and are liable to destruction.