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Football players Krasnoyarsk the Metallurgist there have left on gathering to Omsk

Krasnoyarsk football players prepare for a forthcoming season. As informs a press - service the Metallurgist on Monday, on February, 9th, the command has left on uchebno - training gathering to Omsk. For preparation our trainers have chosen a covered arena of sport centre the Red star . Here football players the Metallurgist will take part in tournament the Cup of Irtysh . Krasnoyarsk citizens will be overcome for victory in these competitions for the first time.

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the List of players which have gone on early gathering:

1. Sutulin Maxim
2. Grigoriev Cyril
3. Majboroda Andrey
4. Small horns Paul
5. Luzhkov Sergey
6. Pytlev Dmitry
7. Goncharov Stanislav
8. Sitdikov Raisas
9. Bazanov Alexey
10. Chestnuts Anton
11. Grishin Anatoly
12. Alekseev Evgenie
13. Mitroshenkov Vladimir
14. Pjanchenko Vasily
15. Mamayev Ivan
16. Gorjunov Ivan
17. Pestov Evgenie
18. Muhutdinov Almir
19. Martynov Alexey
20. Ronzhin Nikolay
21. Rusinov Alexander
22. Tishchenko Stanislav
23. Pjatikopov Sergey
24. Igoshin Maxim
25. Korobkov Ivan