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President Medvedev became the blogger - desjatitysjachnikom

the Russian president Dmitry Medvedev became the blogger - desjatitysjachnikom -   the quantity of the registered visitors of its video blog has passed for 10 thousand persons.

By rules of a presidential video blog to leave the comment, it is necessary for visitors at first zaregestrirovatsja. According to moderators of a presidential blog, to evening of Monday on a site have been activated 10 thousand 219 persons.

2538 from them have written the comments in a blog of the president, 4764 comments have been published. More often Medvedev ask, a leah reads it comments of users and a leah will be it on them when - nibud to respond, passes RIA News .

In the last videobrashchenii from February, 2nd Dmitry Medvedev promised to answer some questions and has told that in the near future it will walk on some of the most important subjects .

we Will remind, Dmitry Medvedev has got a video blog on an official site of the Kremlin in October, 2008. In this time the president has written down six video references.