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The Khabarovsk airport has increased volume of transportations and profit

Open Society the Khabarovsk airport on - former takes of an in the lead position in Far East region on volume of passenger aviatransportations. The data of operational activity for 2008, the General volume of passenger traffic of the airport, including international transportation bears, in 2008 has exceeded 1 114 thousand passengers that on 12 % surpasses an indicator of 2007.

In 2008 realisation of the complex program of development of Open Society " has been continued; the Khabarovsk airport . Building and reconstruction of the basic industrial objects, buildings, constructions, technology equipment, objects of the industrial and auxiliary infrastructure, directed on maintenance of high level of reliability of functioning of all systems and services of the airport and maintenance of their trouble-free operation were conducted. For increase of comfort for passengers and convenience of using the air terminal spent reconstruction of an aerostation complex, internal premises of air terminal, the area near the station and an adjoining road infrastructure. For the purpose of increase in volumes of services to airlines, increases of their quality and conformity to the international standards of land service was the air field special equipment, the equipment, devices, spetsinstrument are got.

the Total volume of investments into enterprise development in 2008 has made 190 million roubles, from which more than 120 million. It is directed on acquisition spetstransporta and technicians for service of aircrafts, passengers, cargoes, luggage. Among them: 2 platform buses COBUS - 3000, air field tractor GT - 110, 2 self-propelled passenger gangways, 2 hook-on passenger gangways, 3 autolifts for loading of an onboard food, 2 luggage tractors, 2 tape loaders of luggage, 2 sources of a land food, vodozapravshchik, toplivozapravshchik, a loader - the conveyor, installation of air start and other land technics of leading manufacturers of the aeroport equipment.

Realization of the program of development gives to the Khabarovsk airport possibility to carry out at the level meeting modern requirements, all kinds of land and commercial service of aircrafts of any types.

Since November of the past year of Open Society the Khabarovsk Airport on the basis of the conformity Certificate gives a full spectrum of services in land and aeroport service at the airport Khabarovsk. This air field, search and under abnormal condition - saving, mate, elektro - lighting maintenance, maintenance of aviation security, service of passengers and luggage, aviafuel maintenance, quality assurance of aviation PETROLEUM PRODUCTS and engineering - aviation maintenance.

Number of workers of the airport for a year has increased by 68 %. Basically it has occurred at the expense of reception in Open Society the Khabarovsk airport parts of employees of land services of disbanded airline Dalavia and expansions of scales of economic activities of the enterprise.

the Expected gain will make about 3 795 million roubles that on 37 % above a similar indicator of 2007. Expected net profit - about 210 million roubles, on 49 % more than in 2007.

For a year in budgets of all levels it has been listed more than 188 million rbl. Thus tax deductions in budgets of Khabarovsk and Khabarovsk territory have exceeded 90 million rbl. Informs the EAST - MEDIA