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The Krasnoyarsk citizens who were lost in Afghanistan, pochtut salute and minute of silence

In Krasnoyarsk region today about 4,5 thousand veterans - participants of operations in Afghanistan. 123 Krasnoyarsk families have not waited the sons, husbands and brothers. Our two fellow countrymen were missing.

From February, 13 till February, 15th in Krasnoyarsk and in all cities and edge areas will pass the memorable actions devoted 20 - letiju a withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan. The focal point which will be in our city, - meeting of memory which will begin on February, 15th at ten o`clock at a monument to warriors - to internationalists on Poklonnoj a grief.

In meeting veterans of operations will take part in Afghanistan from Krasnoyarsk and nearby areas of edge, military units of Krasnoyarsk garrison, cadets and members youth military - patriotic clubs, veterans of Armed forces.

Here will assign memorable wreaths from the governor, Legislative Cобрания and the edge Governments, from the mayor and city council of deputies of Krasnoyarsk, from the public veteran and patriotic organisations. Memory of inhabitants of edge, victims in Afghanistan, on meeting pochtut minute of silence and military gun salute.