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Ramzan Kadyrov: Zakaev Ramzan Kadyrov could play groznenskom theatre

Within the limits of the program on returning of Chechens from Europe plans to create help fund to come back fellow countrymen. Considering necessary to struggle for life and soul of each Chechen the president suggests to return to republic to Ahmed Zakaevu and other run away opponents.

Zakaev, as he said, left on it, and now it is necessary for it to overcome itself and to leave the West. Work here for it already have found - the Chechen leader is assured that the former insurgent could devote itself to ministering to art.

  He called to me, and I personally talked to it. I do not know, maybe, any groups it and planned to create, FSB is more visible. If Isa (Hadiev - Red.) Also was its agent any acts of terrorism has not had time to make. Zakaev the warrior too any. It the good actor and very formed person. At us is groznensky theatre where it again could play or manage the state concert hall. So for it there is a work in the culture ministry. I confirm it, - Kadyrov in interview " has declared; to the Russian newspaper . - It should overcome itself. He is afraid: if there was a war, that is and sins. But we want to finish war, means, it is necessary to be able to forgive and it is necessary to return people. Let will arrive home, will look. I have already returned from Europe Maskhadov`s two representatives - Sugaipova and Hambieva Umara. They have arrived and have seen that here it nobody prevents to pray, build mosques, to conduct peace life. Not that that at that independence when built nothing, but only people stole .

Thus Kadyrov asserts that all fluent insurgents have squabbled and afraid for a long time each other even more than the federal authority. In the near future he also waits for a public statement from father Movsara Baraeva who has left the Chechen Republic after participation of the son in capture of the theatrical centre on Dubrovke.