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The worker of an Angarsk car wash has hijacked the car at the chief

The day before in the night from one of car washes of Angarsk car theft " is made; Honda - the Partner . The mistress of a foreign car who is the proprietress of this small business, has reported the accident only next day. The press is told about it - services of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs across the Irkutsk region in the message.

On call centre orientation to one of city streets militiamen have noticed the suspicious car. To stop the car only has increased by requirements of the inspector speed. In the help the next crews of traffic police have immediately been sent. The pursuit proceeded not for long, the malefactor have detained in area pojmy the rivers Kitoj. The autocar thief, escaping from prosecution, has hurt two police cars.

the Arrested person - 19 - summer angarchanin - already had earlier problems with the law and until recently worked in the same car wash. Now concerning it criminal case is brought. According to the criminal code, the young man can be punished in the form of imprisonment for the term up to 5 years.