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Evtanazija on - italjanski: were 17 years in a clod the woman have disconnected from a food tube

Death 38 - summer Eluany Englaro has excited all Italy: struggle for evtanaziju patients   it was conducted at the highest level in which the Sovereign court confronted with Office of Public Prosecutor, and the cabinet - to president Napolitano.

After a terrible car accident of Eluana throughout seventeen years was in a clod, and to return it to normal life   doctors were already powerless.

in the Autumn of last year the Sovereign court of Italy has allowed to spend evtanaziju, on what Berlusconi`s government has there and then imposed a ban. But to sign the bill president Dzhordzho Napolitano has unexpectedly refused, having urged politicians to calm down and understand a pain of close Eluany.

Then the Ministerial council has decided to achieve the already through parliament, but was not in time: Deputies should take out the verdict under the bill on Wednesday, and news about demise of Englaro has on Monday evening come.

She has left us. I do not want to speak about what, I should be alone - her father Beppino Englaro has declared.   According to doctors,   the woman has died from cardiac arrest.

It is known that   past Friday   Eluane began to reduce food and water volumes, and now the clinic personnel in Udine accuse that have simply starved the patient to death. The head of Ministry of Health of Italy underlined earlier that the death of a brain at Eluany was not, therefore to deprive vegetative   a sick compulsory food it is simply inadmissible.  

very bitterly because that the government could not rescue her life - gives of Silvio Berlusconi`s AFP word  . Now the government with the doubled force   Will achieve an interdiction for carrying out evtanazii, and Vatican hopes that business of Eluany becomes otschetnoj a point in respect of the right most the weakest on life informs AR  .


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