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The authorities will help the polar enterprises


In the end of this week in administration of Murmansk area will discuss the list of the enterprises which most need the help.

- It is a question of support at regional level, - the first deputy of the minister of economic development of Murmansk area Sergey Semenov has told to us. - It can be different kinds. At following session of the anti-recessionary commission we will discuss a basis of this list.

As he said, at the first stage of this work some tens enterprises or hardly will be planned more which take an important place in economy and social sphere of areas of the Polar region. Accurate criteria are for this purpose established. The first: at the enterprise should work not less than 500 persons, and an annual turnover - to make more than 1 billion roubles. The second: if the quantity of workers of the enterprise does not hold out to 500 the company should form the municipal budget at least for 20 percent (or in it should work not less than 20 percent from all able-bodied population of a city or settlement). And the third criterion - individual: if, suppose, the enterprise makes unique production and has any special value for a city or all area.

- 130 offers from municipalities about inclusion of the local companies in this list Are received already, - Sergey Semenov has noted. - will be eliminated from them a minimum of 40 percent. Some offers are simply ridiculous - for example, one of municipal unions asks to assist the organisation where only four persons work.

Besides the regional list of the companies needing support, there is also a federal. It included 16 largest enterprises of region entering into various holdings and groups - Kola is mountain - the metallurgical company, Open Society Apatite RTP Atomflot the Kandalaksha aluminium factory.