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the President of the United Arab Emirates has signed the law on struggle W " washing up " the capitals RCVed by a criminal way

the President of the United Arab Emirates sheikh Zaed Al Nahajjan has signed on Wednesday the law on struggle W " washing up " RCVed criminal by capitals.

as the correspondent " passes; News " the new certificate consists of 25 points defining, it is necessary to consider what capitals illegal, and regulating punishment for this kind of crimes.

in particular, the law provides prison punishment within 7 years, confiscation of money resources and property of the persons breaking positions of the law.

according to it in the country the special body at the central bank which will be engaged in illegal financial operations is created. The law 2 defines interaction W other countries in area " washings up " money.

The President of the Central bank of the United Arab Emirates Sultan Suvejdi has declared that W law signing the Emirates get to group of the countries which struggle W this kind of crimes. He has underlined, what not all West European countries have similar laws.

the sultan 2 has specified that local banks are obliged to inform on all suspicious transfers of means in the sum from above 40 tys dirhamov/ 11 tys US dollars/. Declaring of the similar sums at entrance and departure from the country is entered 2. Menjalnye offices cannot translate abroad the sum more than 600 US dollars.

Suvejdi has informed that the United Arab Emirates have frozen 13 bank accounts physical and legal bodies, podozrevameyh in financing terrorimza.