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the President of the company " Interros " Vladimir Potanin intends to contribute in strengthening of the international positions of the Hermitage

Expansion of cooperation of the Hermitage and the American Fund of Solomon Gugenhejma will allow to translate sponsor`s support of a world famous Russian museum to qualitatively new level and to show to the world its richest collections " in a modern key ". It has declared " News " the president of the holding company " Interros " Vladimir Potanin ".

On Thursday it becomes the first representative of Russia who will be selected in Board of trustees of Fund of Solomon Gugenhejma. The fund based in New York operates five known museums of the modern art in the USA, Spain and Germany and since 2000 carries out the new program of cooperation with the Hermitage and the ministry of culture of the Russian Federation.

Vladimir Potanin has underlined that C the problem first of all in " Representation of interests of the Hermitage " in the American Fund. As he said, he hopes not only to expand cooperation programs between museums of Gugenhejma and the Hermitage, but also to realise in Russia " modern technologies of sponsor`s support " the arts successfully used in the USA.

for Russia it is necessary " modern management by museums at level ее1 of a century " Vladimir Potanin who is the main sponsor of a world famous Russian museum considers. The cooperation project between the Hermitage and Fund of Solomon Gugenhejma will respond completely to these new criteria.

at the moment within the limits of such cooperation variety of joint exhibitions, the project on the Internet is already realised. Concerning the project " the Big Hermitage " which provides reconstruction and restoration of all buildings on Palace Square, Vladimir Potanin has informed that in the nearest two - on these purposes will manage to be typed three years B4 100 million dollars. Means will be RCVed in the area of the state within the limits of preparation 2 300 - letiju S - Petersburg, from own incomes of the Hermitage, of offerings of the Russian and foreign patrons of art. Head " Interros " intend to hold 2 in Washington a MTG with the president of the World bank James Wolfensohn and to study possibility of reception of a target loan under this project.

tsii in new and interesting areas. At the same time head " Interros " recognised that in world business practice metsenatskaja activity of businessmen and the companies as a rule contributes in strengthening of their international reputation and business image. Besides strengthening of positions of the Hermitage in the world will allow to present better Russia and its cultural heritage abroad, Vladimir Potanin has told, having underlined that cooperation between the collections of the Hermitage collected in basic prior to the beginning of 20 centuries, and collections of museums Gugenhejma collected after the beginning of 20 centuries, represents unique possibility vzaimodopolnit appeal of two unique meetings.

if now the Fund of Solomon Gugenhajma sets as the purpose within 5 years to lift attendance of the expositions worldwide B4 30 million visitations it is necessary to use modern receptions of management by museum resources and to increase number of visitations of collections and exhibitions from the Hermitage too B4 several tens millions persons, head " considers; Interros ".