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During the current year deficiency of the federal budget of the USA is expected at level 106 mlrd dollars, has informed the White house

During the current year in the federal budget of the USA deficiency at a rate of 106 mlrd dollars is expected. As the correspondent " passes; News " the director of budgetary management of the White house Mitchell Deniels has informed on it to journalists in Washington on Wednesday.

Daniel`s Statement is a look-ahead estimation according to which deficiency in the budget of the USA will be saved within the next two years till the end of George Bush`s abiding in the White house.

considering that in 2001 in the USA there was a proficiency of the federal budget at a rate of 127 mlrd dollars, occurrence after all year of budgetary deficiency at level 106 mlrd dollars means reduction of gross national product of the USA at once on on 2,3 percents As the newspaper " specifies thereupon; Washington fast " it is the largest negative " jump " 4 the American economy since 1952 when the USA waged war in Korea.