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the Yemen newspaper asserts that in the Dignity attempt of capture of the ambassador of the USA in hostages

the Yemen governmental newspaper " has been undertaken; Al - Vahda " asserts that on Monday, on January, 21st, in the Dignity city capture attempt in hostages of the ambassador of the USA has been undertaken by Edmonda of the Hall, the correspondent " passes; News ".

According to the newspaper, a white jeep " Toyota - Lendkruzer " W diplomatic numbers, having overtaken the car of the ambassador, has barred its way. However the ambassadorial driver has managed to manoeuvre and has at great speed left from a place proishestvija. The unknown persons who were in a jeep, have disappeared.

as the police has established, the jeep W numbers of one of the North African Arabian countries has been stolen.

the Saudi newspaper " Ash - Shark al - Ausat " quotes not named representative of US State department that in Washington yet have no the data on this incident.

Meanwhile 2NITE on Tuesday near to hostel " Rahab " in the city of Saad/ 150 km 2 the north from Dignities/ where at that time there was an adviser - the envoy of embassy of the USA Brend Hensen, were worked by the powerful explosive filled with dynamite which has been put in the garbage container. Nobody has suffered. The police detains 7 acts of terrorism suspected of the organisation.

the embassy of the USA in the Yemen capital since January, 13th was closed 4 reception of visitors after reception of data on preparation there act of terrorism. According to the given USA, Islamic terrorists blasting of a building of embassy by means of the truck filled with an explosive prepared. Quarter where there is an embassy of the USA, is protected by a safety force.

the embassy plans to renew reception of visitors on January, 26th.