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At once two committees of the congress of the USA begin investigation of scandal round bankruptcy of the gas giant " Enron "

Parliamentary investigation of circumstances of scandalous bankruptcy of the gas corporation largest in the USA " Enron " begin on Thursday at once two committees of the congress of the USA.

as the correspondent " passes; News " investigation will be spent in parallel committee on the state questions of the senate of the USA and committee on power and trade of the House of Representatives of the congress where on Thursday the first witnesses are already called.

2NITE on Wednesday in the USA it has been declared resignation of the central figure of scandal - the chairman of the board " Enrona " Kenneth Leja which dismissal was demanded by the committee of creditors of the company created on a judgement. It is expected that Pour too will give evidences at hearings in the congress, but informed circles inform that it will occur only in February.

Leja and all management " Enrona " accuse of close connections with Republican Party of the USA and George Bush`s administration, but the White house in the categorical form rejects similar charges, naming them " politically motivirovannymi ".