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the President of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf intends to suggest to sign India the nonaggression pact

Pakistan intends to suggest to sign India the nonaggression pact and by that to create conditions 4 transformation of Southern Asia into region, free from the nuclear weapon. ABT it as the correspondent " passes; News " have informed on Thursday the Indian mass-media referring to the statement of the president of Pakistan to Perveza Musharrafa.

In interview " En - Bi - Si of TV " Musharraf has noticed that this initiative should be considered not as alternative to the obligation of India not to use of the first the nuclear weapon and as the offer to go further by the way of transformation of region into a denuclearized zone.

in its opinion, the world community should support this offer as it essentially differs from obligations not to use the first the nuclear weapon. For this reason, has noted Mushcharraf, Pakistan and does not incur such obligations. Thus he has noticed that Islamabad " If and not in bolshej, not to a lesser degree " than India realises danger of nuclear war.