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to the World in Afghanistan ambitions of regional leaders

threaten the Fragile world in Afghanistan personal ambitions of the regional leaders struggling for the power threaten, the correspondent " passes; News ".

In Kandahar one of party leaders " Hezb - e - islami " mullah Abdul Razzak has not obeyed to the decree of the new governor of a province of Gul Agi Sherzoja and has refused flatly to hand over the weapon, the Pakistan newspaper " writes on Thursday; Doon ". The governor has offered all field commanders in 3 - dnevnyj term to hand over the weapon with a view of prevention of possible collisions.

in provinces the Host in the south of Afghanistan, adjoining on Pakistan, pushtunsky leader Zakim Shah Zardan has entered the groups into the capital of a province with the same name, the newspaper " informs; Njuz ". Zardan - the supporter of the former president of Afghanistan Burhanuddina Rabbani and the Minister of Defence of general Fahima Kasima - has occupied with the 500 supporters a number of banks and other establishments, including security service premises in the Host. On MSG from this area, many inhabitants have left a city, and dealers have closed the shops and benches.

in the answer another pushtunsky the leader - Bacha Khan Zardan asserting that the head of new Afghani administration Hamid Karzai has charged to it to choose governors of three provinces in the south of the country/ Paktija, Paktika and the Host/ has resulted the groups in the Host in a status of the raised readiness. Local observers seriously are afraid of collisions between the competing groupings which are now in a city.

In frontier W Tajikistan provinces of Kunduz supporters of the Uzbek general Abul Rashidla Dostuma holding fast of the deputy minister of defence, two days battled to groups of Tadjiks, adherents of Burhanuddina Rabbani, and have grasped frontier area along the river Amu - Darya, in 60 km 2 severo - to the West from the city of Kunduza - Kala - e - Zal. ABT it Afgan islamik a press/ AIP/ has reported. The Minister of Defence of Afghanistan denies, truth, MSG AIP that during 2 - day collisions with both parties 11 persons were lost.

as underline local observers, revival process in Afghanistan is impossible W/ O inner life preservation. MSG arrive 2 that a number of heads of new provisional government fine understand it and suggest to expand activity of peacemakers for limits of Kabul.