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the External debt of Tajikistan exceeds $1 billion

the External debt of Tajikistan exceeds $1 billion, head of mission of the International currency fund of Republic Tajikistan Piter Vingli has informed journalists.

" the External debt of Tajikistan is saved at $1 billion level that is high enough (indicator), - he has told. - the most part of this debt is necessary to Russia and Uzbekistan ".

Vingli has noticed that IMF mission has suggested the country government to continue bilateral negotiations on re-structuring of an external debt. Now external debt RT in relation to gross national product makes an order of 60 %.

By estimations of mission of IMF, the government of Tajikistan it was possible to reach enough Gud macroeconomic results. " confident there is an economic growth in Tajikistan who this year should make 8,5 % " - head of mission has told.

according to IMF, for last MTH in the country rate of inflation is sharply lowered. However it is necessary for the government is system to approach 2 monetary - the credit policy, ESP as to inflow and foreign currency outflow, Vingli has told.

He has added that reforms and economic development of Tajikistan have allowed to lower level of poverty in a number of areas, however in countryside this process occurs not so QIK, as though it would be desirable mission.

" it is necessary to realise actively land reform as this process proceeds non-uniformly " - has added Vingli.