Rus News Journal

the State Duma has rejected the prepared LDPR the bill of modification of laws on political parties and on elections of deputies

LDPR Fraction suggests to forbid to use to parties and selective blocks in the names such words as " power " " fatherland " " fatherland " " the native land " and the words formed on their basis and word combinations.

2, it was offered to oblige parties and selective blocks to reflect in the name a political orientation.

the leader the liberal - democrats Vladimir Zhirinovsky considers that in case of acceptance of the bill most hard it should party " an United Russia " and to the selective block " the Native land ".

Proving necessity of acceptance of the bill, he has noticed that a situation on last elections in the State Duma in which a considerable quantity of political parties and selective blocks participated has shown that voters frequently appear disoriented in a stream of loud names of parties and blocks which thus do not give the slightest representation ABT the purposes and problems of this association, its political orientation and a platform.

the chairman of committee on affairs of public associations and the religious organisations Sergey Popov has told that does not C necessity for acceptance of such amendments. As he said, it is possible to judge a political orientation of NE party on those purposes and problems which are reflected in their charters and programs.

" it is defining, instead of how they of name - liberal, liberally - democratic, communistic, the union of the right or left forces and so on " - the deputy has told.