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Robbers on Savings Bank branch have plundered also visitors

Rushed into Lefotovsky branch of the Savings Bank robbers, probably, have not calculated that since morning of money in cash desks can be a little more. Having received from bank of all of two thousand dollars, criminals have gone already to clients.

About ten persons have been urged to shake out before robbers of a bag, to give all available money and mobile phones. Having collected thus 20 thousand roubles more, men with sweaters on persons have disappeared from a scene of crime, informs Interfax .

Now field investigators study record of chambers videnabljudenija, interrogate eyewitnesses and establish an amount of damage concerning each victim, passes RIA Novosti news agency .

Upon an attack criminal case under article 162 (the robbery made in group) and item 222 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (weapon illegal circulation) is got. For search of criminals in capital the plan " is entered; Volcano - 5 .