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The Kazan militiamen on a dock

accuse Them again of murder 31 - the summer inhabitant of settlement Judino two years ago.

According to the witness, they were in civil clothes and have not shown the business cards. As appears from the bill of particulars, on January, 29th, 2007 one of pravoohranitelej has shot 31 - summer family head Radika Ramazanova.

Upon murder (item 105 of the criminal code of Russian Federation) the Office of Public Prosecutor has filed criminal charges, informs Open news agency. Later across Tatarstan accusation in illegal penetration in dwelling (ch has been still brought to employees of central office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. 3 items 139 of the criminal code of Russian Federation) and excess of powers of office with the violence and weapon application, entailed heavy consequences (subitem and in ch. 3 items 286 of the criminal code of Russian Federation).

Nevertheless, departmental check recognised application by militiamen of a government-issue weapon lawful. Pravoohraniteli assert that Ramazans the first has snatched on them with a hammer.

Interests of relatives of the victim at stages of preliminary investigation and in court are represented by the chairman of the council of the Kazan remedial centre Igor Sholokhov.

During judicial session which has taken place even in the autumn of 2007, legal experts petitioned for carrying out of complex judicial examination. Participants of business could familiarise with its results only in December of the past year.

P. S. Since 2007 militiamen are discharged of posts. Besides, the accused are under a subscription about nevyezde.