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In Brest have plundered a church bench

For the third day of Christmas the church bench which is near to Piously - the Nikolaev church has been defiantly plundered, writes Vesper Brest .

Poslovam of the woman selling church utensils, in church only has begun an evesong, and nearby 17. 00 territory near a temple has almost completely become empty. Just then at a door have knocked.

Before it in a window the young man here already in the second time for a day asked questions about presence of church utensils. a leah is gold daggers? - he asked still right after a dinner.   the pier, the visiting Pole, the roman catholic on confession, has decided to marry, here and searches necessary in such cases.

But even otvlekshis on repeated conversation, the woman has not lost vigilance. Has asked again: Who there? A few having been restive, the voice has responded that The, from priesthood . Has hardly flung the door open, as has understood a fatal flaw. All kind of the person who has rushed from darkness specified that the unexpected visitor is completely not similar to the ecclesiastic. But it was already impossible to keep a door. Too unequal there were forces. The man has pushed away the pensioner and has confidently gone to money. To them was any three - four steps, after all pavilion absolutely small. All sum collected for a day in the end of day has been counted accurately up and combined for acceptance. By rules, she needed here - to be put in the safe here. Alas, was not in time. To remember that moment the grandmother and now cannot it is quiet.

- Such shock, - she weepingly told to the journalist, - that till now I can not depart . Then became   to shout: Hold the thief! Plunder! As to spite, was nobody a number.

it will be found out Later that people in the street have noticed turmoil. One of passers-by has remembered number of the car and its stamp. On a scene the predator has lost a cap. On the panel of Lenin department of protection the emergency call has arrived.

According to the chief of department of the information and public relations of the Department of Internal Affairs of regional executive committee of Vladimir Levkovicha, in a city have instantly entered the plan Interception . It has brought the necessary result. Less than in an hour Opel Yankee Kupaly in Brest has been found out near the house in the street. The malefactor had appeared 30 - the summer local resident, idle, earlier denounced for theft without a direction in correctional facility. In its relation the investigatory department Lenin ROVD brings criminal case as regards the second article 206 Criminal code (robbery). The law provides imprisonment within 5 years. Shortly stolen 2 million 740 thousand roubles churches will be returned.

the Woman - the seller, deeply believing person, considers to the present day that Nikolay Chudotvorets has helped with search of the criminal, sacred in which honour the temple is erected.

is its protection has in many respects helped, - she considers. - already happened twice that an icon with its choir abducted, but it all the same came back in church. Only the miracle has rescued and this time .