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The size of the minimum payment in the Nizhniy Novgorod region since January, 1st makes 4330 roubles

According to the assistant to the governor on Gennady Suvorov`s social policy, such sharp increase in the minimum wage rate, almost in 1,9 times, will positively affect growth of level of a salary of the third part working in budgetary sphere (according to Nizhegorodstata actual average number makes 251,1 thousand persons).

by the area Budget it is provided in addition about 300 million roubles for finishing of a salary of separate workers of budgetary sphere to the minimum wage rate. It is saved and nadtarifnyj fund (to 25 %) which gives the chance to heads of establishments to stimulate the qualified experts.

On these purposes off-budget means, the means liberated from carrying out of actions for optimisation of regular number of workers, the means received for an abacus of enterprise and other activity bringing in the income also can go.

the establishment of the minimum wage rate since January, 1st, 2009 at a rate of 4330 roubles is obligatory for all employers, irrespective of pattern of ownership of establishment.

on December, 25th according to the decision of the Nizhniy Novgorod regional tripartite commission on regulation socially - labour relations it was recommended to heads of the organisations of the Nizhniy Novgorod region to provide payment of a salary to the workers who completely fulfilled norm of working hours and have executed norms of work (labour duties), at level not below 4330 roubles a month since January, 1st, 2009.

the Inquiry:

the Minimum wage rate (minimum wage rate)     legislatively established minimum applied to regulation of payment, and also for definition of the sizes of temporary disablement allowances.

the minimum wage rate is established according to article 133 of the Labour code of the Russian Federation in which it is said that the minimum wage rate is established simultaneously in all territory of the Russian Federation by the federal law .

the size of the minimum wage rate does not join surcharges and extra charges, awards and other incentive payments, and also payments for work in the conditions deviating from normal, for work in special environmental conditions and in territories, podvergshihsja to radioactive pollution, other compensatory and social payments.