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On border of Poland and the Kaliningrad region huge turns of cars

On Russian - the Polish border in check points " have accumulated; Mamonovo - Gronovo and Bagrationovsk - Bezledy huge turns of transit foreign cars which follow to the Kaliningrad region from Europe now have accumulated. As pass sources from border if in Mamonovo the customs passes only about five cars a day, in Bagrationovske turn practically costs . the Small town Gronovo practically under an outset is hammered by cars with transit numbers - has added a source.

the Similar agiotage is connected with the governmental order to raise taxes on import of foreign cars which comes into force on January, 11th, 2009. For the remained days autodrivers try to import as much as possible car into Russia, and the customs with this stream simply does not consult. Though, as autodrivers speak, the customs has possibilities to work much faster.

Considering speed of work of customs, it is not excluded that the part of autodrivers will meet New year on border.