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For last year 30 Byelorussians have illegally got to a database not eligible to travel abroad

the Database not eligible to travel abroad introduced on all frontier points of the admission, not always correctly worked last year. Time and again happened that frontier guards unreasonably asked to pass with things on an exit, recommending to be converted behind explanations into department divisions on citizenship and migration.

Executing   on citizenship and migration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Alexey Begun has resulted duties of the chief of department in interview SB - Belarus Today a number of such cases.

For a long time the planned rest young minchanki has appeared is broken, when among night it have removed from a train on the Belarus-Ukrainian border. It has appeared that the girl was registered temporarily not eligible to travel abroad. And this news has strongly surprised her. And as it was found out later, in electronic base the error has crept in: it was forbidden to leave native land limits odnofamilitse suffered minchanki. Other facts of entering into base of data on namesakes - instead of really pursued persons are revealed also.

Mogilevchaninu was not possible to leave abroad that it has been ostensibly involved in a criminal liability and has not paid the penalty. It has appeared that the person already more half a year has paid off with a debt back. But because of delays in work of judicial authorities the information went with the big delay.

There are facts when data were entered into system with an error or not completely.

was also such: in what not guilty citizens by mistake were registered suspected of a crime.

According to the Runner to speak about mass errors it is not necessary. By its estimations, for all year was no more than 30 cases of wrongful restriction of the rights of citizens on trip abroad. At the same time about 7 thousand persons from those 100 thousand which appear in a databank, could not leave limits of Belarus.

the Database, except the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Justice, the Minister of Defence and KGB, but not always new data in account system periodically fill up appear in due time.

the Special working group studies increase of efficiency of this system and till the end of January will report on Minister of Internal Affairs Vladimir Naumov. To one of measures on optimisation of work of system already was that are passed today to frontier points of the admission of data on changes of the information in base not once as was earlier, and three times a day.