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In Ekaterinburg inhabitants of one of areas have found in garages of an ermine

In   to the Ural capital   unusual   the beast was found by owners of garages on   to street State-farm on an Uralmash.

the Snow-white small animal who is bearing a strong resemblance to an ermine or   caress, has lodged in   garages on   to street to street   State-farm, 17. According to eyewitnesses, the pupil has chosen   a garage complex some days ago and   now lives under   one of   garages.

At first owners of cars have decided that   he/she is a polecat, however, having looked through the literature have learnt that   it, most likely, an ermine or   caress. Probably, an unusual small animal for a city have caught in   to wood, and   it as - that   has managed to run away from   new owners. Now inhabitants   nearby houses make the plan operations on   To capture of the wood visitor to carry an animal back in   wood, informs a portal Weburg. ru .

we Will note, an ermine - a small small animal with a long body on short feet, a long neck and a triangular head with small roundish ears. In the winter fur at it purely white, and in the summer two-coloured - body top burovato - red, a bottom zheltovato - white.

As a rule, an ermine   resides nearby to water: on coast of the rivers and streams, at wood lakes, on coastal meadows, bush and reed thickets. Sometimes lodges near to human habitation, on fields, in gardens and forest parks, even on suburbs of cities. Conducts   basically   a single territorial way of life. The ermine is active at night, sometimes meets also in the afternoon. An ermine   - a mobile and dexterous animal, its movements are fast, but are a little fussy. It the excellent swimmer and easily gets on trees. It is usually silent but if to anger, loudly chirrs, can chirp, hiss and even to bark. This small predator is very courageous, at a stalemate it   can rush even on the person.