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In Bratsk area of Angarski Krai to children give unusual names

In 2008 in   brotherly area of the Irkutsk region Darina, Esmeralda, the Peacock, Dominica, Lukretsija, Appolinarija, the Isabella,   were born Rodion; and also   Ostap, Klim and Stavr. One of fathers wanted to name the son the Prince, but at the last minute has changed the mind and... The Monastery now nurtures. The Brotherly studio of television informs on it.

All in 2008 in Bratsk area was born 2 thousand 49 children, and from them 1 thousand 68 boys.   popular among man`s names, on - former, there is Daniel, Nikita, Cyril. The name Alexander is in the lead.

- Such name names 24 boys in Bratsk area. On the second place - Sergey, on 3 - m - Nikita, and divide the fourth place   Ivan and Ilya. The most popular name among female - Anastas. It goes in leaders 9 years, - has noted Elena IVANOV, the deputy the chief of department the REGISTRY OFFICE on Brotherly area.

It is remarkable that last year in Bratsk a name Natasha named only four girls.