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The Altay doctors have accused of a negligence

we Will remind that the tragedy has occurred on the eve of New year, on December, 31st ( wrote about it   in number from   on January, 12th, 2009). That physicians have not assisted in time, in hospital has died 3 - summer Alesha of Halts. After check carrying out the Kamensk interdistrict investigatory department has filed criminal charges under article 293   the criminal code of Russian Federation ( the Negligence which has entailed on imprudence death of the person ) .

In connection with happened, the head physician Tjumentsevsky TSRB had to write the application   about dismissal.

- I have signed its statement, - Evgenie ZIBIN, the head of area speaks . -   Since January, 15th it works as the simple surgeon. Meanwhile duties of the head physician executes nachmed. But it is temporary. Soon krajzdav should appoint the person who will fulfil duties of the head physician.

By the way, the head of area, almost 2 and a half a year had a same misfortune, as at a family of Privalovyh back.

- In the Barnaul hospital at me has died 4 - the summer grand daughter, - trying to constrain emotions, Evgenie Arturovich speaks. - has in the same way choked. In the morning I have spoken by with it to phone, she still laughed. And in the evening to me have informed that Julechka has died. Therefore I fine understand that the parents who have lost the son now feel. It is very heavy for worrying. Very much.

According to head, doctors should be responsible for the actions.

- the Children`s doctor at us on good to the bill, many praise it, but why it has not arrived to day of a call to examine the child, I do not understand. It is impossible so to arrive here with   children, after all they the most expensive that at us is, - the head of area continues. - most likely, it categories now will deprive, and the court will appoint punishment.

watches a situation.