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High schools of Tatarstan take anti-recessionary measures for struggle against unemployment

Coordination council of pro-rectors on educational work of high schools RT has discussed in TISBI system of anti-recessionary actions for maintenance of employment of students during the summer period, to employment of graduates.

it will be offered to Graduates or to continue training in a magistracy, or to receive the second higher education. For the students trained under the off-budget form, the flexible hours of payments will be developed. For the decision of all arising problems of students in all high schools anti-recessionary committees are created. Their problems is operative consideration of problems of students and their decision with use of own resources of high school, informs a press - service MDMST RT.

we Will remind, on board Minobrnauki RT of Premieres - the minister of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov has expressed opinion that this uneasy year it is necessary to give particular attention to a question of employment of youth. The head of the government of Tatarstan is assured that the youth needs to give possibility to continue the education chosen by them at the following step. So, graduates of establishments of professional education can enter high school, and bachelors - to continue education in a magistracy, young men of military age - to go to minister in army. The main thing - not to add to army jobless also graduates of educational institutions of Tatarstan.