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In Tula flowers are dismissed and kidneys on trees

In Tula it is abnormal warm weather too gives surprises. Sezondozhdej which should stop already one week ago, in any way does not give zimevstupit in the rights. It is time prepares for New year, and here on kidney trees nabuhajuti flowers are dismissed.

  - Warming and rains - result of a cyclone from the south, but it not for a long time, the phenomenon time ibystroprohodjashchee, similar we observe already as two years on end, - kommentiruetsinoptik Gidrometeotsentra of Tula Ljubov Savelova.

- it is good or it is bad - there is no saying unequivocally, - Vladimir Filatov, the deputy director of department of the Tula area poekologii and to natural resources reflects. -   With odnojstorony at hypertensive persons and hypotonics illnesses, to it tjazheloperenosit   a temperature swing weathers, and with another   - thanks to winds ivode, air   becomes purer, dyshatlegche that, certainly, plus! You, probably, and have noticed. And for   the earths such here watering is useful as nelzjaluchshe.

Snegobjazatelno will be, but there is time for everything.