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Tomorrow in Privolzhsky area will disconnect water

In the end of December in Kazan plan to open metro station the Victory Prospectus . The basic communications have transferred for a long time already. On Wednesday, on December, 10th, from - for it will take out and switch water waters on a crossroads of the prospectus of Victory and street Zorge.

the Gate will block tomorrow in 6 mornings. Waters will not be days - to 6. On December, 00 11 (Thursday). On December, 10th waterless there are houses in streets:

- Brothers of Kasimovyh;
- Karbysheva;
- Kamaja;
- Mavljutova;
- Zorge (from street of Brothers of Kasimovyh to the Victory Prospectus);
- Garifjanova;
- Ak. Parina;
- the Native land;


- Distant;
- Altan;
- Salmachi;
- East.

Besides, in houses in six streets pressure of water will be lowered. And it means that   inhabitants of the top floors of water can and not see.

Pressure of water will go down in streets:

- Kul Gali;
- Fuchika;
- Safiullina;
- Zorge (from the prospectus of Victory to street Gabisheva);
- Dubravnaja;
- Zavojsky.

Waterless there are 150 apartment houses, 9 kindergartens and 6 schools. a water canal advises in advance to be reserved by reviver. With water townspeople can find tankers near the house 14 on Brothers of Kasimovyh, 30 on Zorge, 37 under the Victory Prospectus, and 21 on Syrtlanovoj.