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Petersburg communists - Arshavinu: Andrey, stop!

Petersburg communists have decided to bring in a football serial about Andrey Arshavina`s transition in the European club the mite. Having accused the favourite of a city in passions to a profit and comfort Party members urge the football player to stop and avoid a universal shame.

the Feeling of disgust and shame calls us, communists, at all patriots,   trade proceeding already many months of Andrey the body before greedy western clubs, - results site KPLO   the statement of the Central Committee of the Multi-region organisation Communists of Petersburg and Leningrad region . - Still more recently, after brilliant victories Zenith in which big role Arshavin has played, Communists of Petersburg urged to award players of the Petersburg command with the state awards. Especially bitterly today to observe, how the young sportsman with the stretched hand faces soccer teams of the countries of the NATO, bargains, begs to buy it at the dumping price .

Reminding SHave about its political steps together with an United Russia communists question haughty party as it is necessary to understand further zigzags of cosmopolitan adjusted young man whose talent was cultivated and perfected here.

We are converted directly to sportsman Arshavinu and we speak to it: stop, Andrey! There was no yet a definitive moral degradation, but you on a floor - a step from full breakdown. You will not find in the west neither sincere love of fans, nor care of the state, fellowship atmosphere in the command. Use and will dump, as was with many to you! - communists foretell.