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In three years in Petersburg fish

By 2011 fish at us will fall in price will fall in price for 20 percent! And all because in a city will be opened by the points largest in Russia on wholesale sale of seafood. So, any manufacturer can sell the goods without intermediaries - hence, more cheaply.

One of the markets in Northern capital will appear in Seaside area. Approximately in water area of the Neva lip, between stations Mountain and the Fox nose. There will be points and in an industrial zone East, and also in Krasnogvardejsky and Moscow areas.

  Fish places will fill not only gifts of small rivers and the seas. In the same place in aquariums will plant fish of rare grades. That Petersburg gourmets could choose a small fish posvezhee yes more fatly.

Behind that sellers observed sanitary - hygienic norms, stationary points will watch some. The same experts will look, that a small fish correctly planted and stored.

- Idea good but to embody it it is necessary delicately, - the head the Petersburg movement " considers; Green Peace Dmitry ARTAMONOV . - it is necessary to give Special attention to process of primary occurrence of fish in these markets. It is necessary to trace accurately, whence it and in what water initially floated.