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In day of funeral of Alexy II the Russian TV channels will cancel advertising and entertainment events

on December, 9th, in day of funeral of Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Alexy II federal TV channels will clean all advertising and entertainment events from an aether.

on December, 9th on the First channel there will be no advertising. At 8:00 within the limits of a morning information channel direct inclusions will begin with the Divine liturgy in Christ the Saviour Cathedral, and then - a direct transmission of farewell to the patriarch. Also in an aether there are programs Light memory of patriarch Alex II and Patriarch Alex II. Last interview - quotes Interfax   the message of Management of public relations of the First channel.

programs " Will be cancelled; Malakhov plus Control purchase the Fashionable sentence Let speak and others.

In day of funeral will refuse advertising and entertainment events and channels Russia and NTV. Besides, TV channel Russia will begin   will begin a direct transmission of the Divine liturgy at 8:00, and from 11:00 will show burial-service and Religious procession.

On NTV   programs " will not go on the air; You ridiculous! and mad day. The review . Instead of a teleserial the Wood-grouse in a prime - NTV time Igor Ahmedova`s All-Russia premiere of the film under the scenario of father John Okhlobystin " will take place; the way Beginning - the first picture which have been removed from blessing of Russian Orthodox Church under the unique official biography of the Most holy Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Alexy II. Upon termination of a film in an aether there is a documentary cinema the Patriarch . Will finish radio day Stanislav Govorukhin`s picture Bless the woman - soobshchaetria News .

TV channel TV the Center on Tuesday will show a documentary film Moscow the honourable citizen. 15 - j the patriarch devoted to Alexy II,   from an aether also   advertising and the program " will be excluded; Scandalous life with Olga B. .

With   channel TNT also will remove all entertaining projects.   character of channel broadcasts " Will change also; REN of TV . From an aether   will clean programs of entertaining character and commercials. Instead of culinary show the Invited supper   will show a feature film Returning and   instead of the entertaining program to Survive in a megacity - a documentary film UFO. The Russian version . Planned on 21. 00 serial Soldiers it will be replaced on two series NEXT - 2 .

TV channel STS will clean from a grid comic programs and teleserials   (in particular, Daddy`s daughters Who in the house the owner? ) and mulserial Vudi Vudpeker .

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