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Valery Pasat asks svidetelj to be in court

Pasat has published the post card to witnesses on the case of prodazhesamoletov the Instant - 29 and artillery systems Hurricane . In total svidetelejokolo 20 persons, among which -   Mircha Snegur, Ion Chubuk, Dmitry Bragish, Sergey Zhosan.

It is urged to be converted to everyone izvas, in the form unusual for judiciary practice, with the personal request 15 December, 2008 in 13. 00 on session Criminal kollegiiapelljatsionnoj chambers of Kishinev to give evidences in kachestvesvidetelej on litigation on affairs about sale 21 planes the Instant - 29 artillery installations Hurricane

Though you appear vprotsesse as witnesses from charge, predstaviteliprokuratury is deliberate, under various far-fetched pretexts, izbegajutpredstavit you in judicial sessions. That they confirm, what not mogutvas to find, say that have notified you, but you were not, and delajuteto for the only purpose: to tighten indefinitely a course of this process.

Hotjaskoro it will be executed four years since me have accused by request, popoliticheskim to motives, and drag on courts, I do not ask you to come, chtobyzashchitit me. I ask you, it is simple - naprosto, to be on court session vznak respect for dear instance. Misters of the judge already a little razbyli are urged to transfer process from - for absences of witnesses. Be in court as it witnesses Peter Luchinsky ipavel have already made Puju, and tell truth, no more that - it is told in otkrytompisme.