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Nikita Belyh can become the governor of the Kirov region

Dmitry Medvedev has suggested Legislative Assembly of the Kirov region to consider Nikita Belyh`s nominee on fast of the governor of the region.

According to article 18 of the federal law from October, 6th, 1999 about main principles of the organisation legislative (representative) and executive powers of the state power of subjects of the Russian Federation the president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev has submitted for consideration Legislative Assembly of the Kirov region Nikita Belyh`s nominee for investment with its powers of the governor - passes RIA News the message a press - services of the Kremlin.

Powers of the operating governor of the Kirov region Nikolay Shakleina expire on January, 14th, 2009.

Nikita Jurevich Belyh headed earlier the Union of the right forces, but on September, 26th declared a desertion of the party. Was born in Perm, on June, 13th, 1975. Education - the higher. Has ended economic and legal faculties of the Perm state university, has entered postgraduate study, passed training in Oxford. Has a wide experience the journalist and political activity. It is married, nurtures three sons. Now conducts a sports broadcast   One right on radio station Echo Moscow .


Vladimir Zhirinovsky - to RIA agency News : In this nominee there are pluses: it young, this new generation, a sign with economy, has experience of supervising work - was and zamgubernatora the Perm area even before its association in the Perm edge, and the party leader, participated in elections .

the Director of Institute of political researches Sergey Markov: This very interesting and correct decision. Nikita Belyh - very bright young representative of socially responsible business, with huge political experience, the person who has participated in various political projects, in some was discouraged. At it the wide experience and its talents can be used for the country .

the Party leader the Apple Sergey Mitrokhin - to Interfax :   All party of Union of Right Forces to elections to Duma was opposition. Probably, they had a sensation that without loyalty of the power it is impossible to conduct political activity. N.Belyh, most likely, has made the same choice, as party .

the Leader of Incorporated civil front Kasparov  : At us with Nikita Jurevichem absolutely normal personal relations, and it informed us that carries on negotiations on an occasion of its promotion on this fast. Time it has come true, means, while the power while has restriction of a personnel reserve. Nikita Jurevich - the vigorous person, is full of strength, and its nominee is worthy .

the Co-chairman of party the Just cause Leonid Gozman : This correct decision. I think that Nikita will be the good governor. Correctly that members not only " will be governors; an United Russia .