Rus News Journal

Real incomes of Russians have grown on 10 %

For January - September of this year incomes of the population of the country have grown almost in all areas, republics and edges. On the average across Russia salaries have risen on 9,5 %.

  Strangely enough, but incomes of Muscovites even have fallen - to 0,5 %. At the same time in other regions have seriously grown up. For example, this year from outsiders of economic development the Ivanovo area was beat out, for 9 months of this year average monetary incomes of the population there have grown almost on 50 % and have made 8 thousand 636 roubles. More than on 30 % population incomes in republics Altais and Ingushetia have grown.

Nevertheless most, as usual, receive in northern regions. In Nenets autonomous region the average salary - 37 thousand 225 roubles. It even more than in Moscow (35 thousand 538 roubles) and St.-Petersburg (17 thousand 531 rouble).

the poorest region - Republic Kalmykia. There on the average receive 5 thousand 190 roubles. It more than in 7 times is less, than at the leader.

Nevertheless the positive data till the end of the year can change to the worst as financial crisis has seriously mentioned incomes of Russians, since October.