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Khabarovsk « the Cupid » has given battle to the favourite - situated near Moscow « Atlanta »

Khabarovsk the Cupid in a calendar match of the championship of the International Continental hockey league (KHL) on Monday on the arena has given battle to the favourite - situated near Moscow Atlanta . Dalnevostochniki have as equals led a match with the leader, having conceded to it only in an overtime.

the Cupid Khabarovsk - Atlant Moscow Region 1:2 FROM (0:1; 1:0; 0:0; 0:1). Goals: 04. 22 Pronin (Arhipov) 0:1 men., 22. 20 Hasanshin (Tourist`s Kovsky, Kostjuchenok) 1:1, 62. 00 Mozjakin (Pirnes, Koroljuk) 1:2. The penalty: 8 - 12. Goalkeepers: Borisov - Emeri.

As informs a press - service HK the Cupid the first period on - former remains for Khabarovsk citizens a stumbling stone. Here and this time, at equal odds in the first twenty minutes, on a command break have left with a different active - visitors conducted in one washer. And they have caused a stir in minority, all later 10 seconds after removal Pronin to a descent has punched Borisov.

If to be converted again to statistics it has again found the acknowledgement in this match and concerning the second period - this piece of a match the Cupid spends most successfully that again and has occurred: at draw of the majority of Ruslan Hasanshin has successfully substituted a stick, the washer was stuck under a crossbeam - 1:1.

From this point on Atlant has sharply excited rate, over and over again creating pressure at gate of Borisov. But Khabarovsk citizens any more those, now they are not afraid to play with so awesome rival in open hockey. Here only stirring, inexperience of separate players, and, perhaps, absence of game practice quite often led to errors.

Herein commands have spent the remained piece of a match, up to 62 minutes when the forward of visitors has broken on the left flank and has raked along gate. Mozjakin in time has supported the partner and practically from a line vratarskoj has closed transfer - 1:2, a siren

the Press - conference

Feodor Kanarejkin, head coach HK Atlant :

It is happy that we have won, because in last games we hammer hardly. Today I liked our movement, there was a good psychological spirit, a bench has fulfilled well. Away matches because a lot of time we spend in minority are very difficultly given to us, already it is time to specify in this moment. It is our second exit game, ahead three more, I am happy that today took points .

Anatoly Emelin, head coach HK the Cupid :

As a whole I am happy with the won point, now such tournament situation that we will be happy to each acquisition. It would be desirable, of course, bolshego Us has beaten out from a game rhythm a break, therefore the first period has been greased, it was much observed confusion. Then have intercepted the initiative, however after symmetry again was gone in our actions. Were mistaken in an overtime, as has turned meeting exod . Informs PrimaMedia